Septic Tank Maintenance: How to Get the Most Out Of Equipment

Caring for the septic tank of your commercial premises won’t be as easy and straightforward as it seems. But you need to make serious efforts to extend the life of the tank. Based on the size of the tank and the amount of wastewater it produces, you need to decide about the maintenance of the tank. 

When it comes to caring for your septic tank, a good option would be to begin with professional septic tank cleaning where experts take charge. If you ask them about ways to enhance the longevity of the tank, the sincerest reply to you will get is that you need to empty the septic tank regularly.  

If you are searching for a septic tank cleaning service, here is what you need to know when to go for septic tank emptying to keep it in top working order. 

  1. Schedule pumping every two years  

Do you know how often you should clean or pump the septic tank of your commercial premises? Ideally, you need to clean the septic tank every two years or a little more than that. Most commercial building owners do not prioritise septic tanks and spend money on repairing the damaged parts. You may find it hard to stay on track with septic tank cleaning and pumping and that is why a cleaning service needs to come and inspect the tank regularly to offer the best recommendations. 

  1. Saving water to maintain the efficiency of the tank 

You might wonder how saving water helps in maintaining the longevity of the septic tank system, but the reason is simple. The less water enters the system, the more is its life. Often, owners of commercial premises do not fix leaks in toilets or users forget to turn off the taps and wastewater. Such wrongdoings may damage the septic tank severely. The better the efficiency of water usage, the lesser the pressure on the septic tank and the better it stays.  

  1. Follow a maintenance plan  

Maintaining the septic tank is not just about calling the service providers occasionally to inspect the system. You should have a proper plan to follow throughout the year. Do you own the commercial building in Kildare? For septic tank cleaning in Kildare, you can trust the Grease trap cleaning services, one of the best and most reputed service providers. They have been offering cleaning services for many years and are a name that people associate with trust and reliability.  

  • Watch the red flags 

If you are not thorough with the septic tank cleaning of your commercial building that houses several offices, watch for the warning signs early. That way, you will save the system from extensive damage. Slow draining of water in the bathrooms, weird smells, and gurgling sounds of water in the toilet are a few signs that when reported need to be immediately taken care of by the experts. You should immediately start searching for service providers that attend to emergency septic tank malfunctioning to take the right action.  

  • Things to avoid 

While you need to keep the lid of the septic tank clear, you shouldn’t enter the tank if there are instances of overflowing bathrooms. Apart from this, long grasses growing near the tank is another warning sign that indicates that your septic tank system is about to incur a lot of damage.  

Try to prevent the situation and avoid landscaping too close to the system. The parking lot also needs to be situated away from the system as the pressure of heavy vehicles may cause damage to the internal pipes. Search for service providers offering septic tank cleaning near me so that you are better prepared to tackle the odds.  

  • Flushing things that you should not 

Commercial buildings housing offices are least careful about flushing things properly in the toilet. Unfortunately, users often flush things that they should avoid and cause a lot of damage to the tank. Things such as wipes, feminine products, butts of cigarettes, butts of swabs, and various other things should never be flushed through the toilets. Disposing of such things through the toilet may cause severe malfunctioning of the system that only experts can handle. If you do not want the commercial building to shut down, you need to take charge of the situation.  

Are you still in two minds about maintaining the septic tank system of your commercial building? You need to entrust the cleaning and maintenance job to experts so that the system stays in proper working order and remains in good condition for several years.  


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